A Walnut Slab In The Shop

Walnut slab set up against a wall.

We got a beautiful piece of Black Walnut into the shop a few weeks ago, and we have to say It. Is. AMAZING. This slab was a happy accident of a find while scrolling on Facebook one day. It was originally picked up from Goby Walnut around 5 years ago, with big plans in mind. However, as we’ve seen time and time again life always finds a way to mess up your plans (Covid anyone?). The slab just ended up sitting in their garage without being used for any projects. After that time, the original owner decided to sell the piece to clear up some space, and we were happy to take it off their hands! 


Once we got it to the shop and finished marveling at just how beautiful it is, we had to figure out how to best move it to a spot where it wouldn’t be in the way. It should be noted it took all 4 sets of hands to put the slab up on our wall where you see it above but it was well worth the effort to have it where we get to see it everyday.


Some of our first ideas for this piece were to create a large dining or conference table by either keeping the slab whole or splitting it down the middle to create a resin table. Keeping the slab whole would be better for showcasing the natural splendor of the slab and ensuring the wood is the center of attention. However, a resin river table would also be eye-catching in that it would allow for a greater emphasis on the live edge portions of the slab. This is due to how they would be outlined in resin throughout the middle of the table. We could then either leave the resin clear, or add a color that compliments the darker color of the wood. What we eventually end up doing may depend on several factors. Ultimately, if one of our customers decides they want to use it for a project however, we’d love to see what they want us to do for them! The listing for just the slab with no additional changes can be found on our website here

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