A New Toy In The Shop! – Festool Sander!

Festool Sander In The Shop

We recently made an upgrade to our equipment in the shop in the form of a Festool Sander! For Eric, our Operations and Production Manager, Christmas came early!

Our previous sander in the shop was a DeWalt which has been perfect for us getting set up and started as a business. It was and still is old reliable and will get the job done for most wood products and does an admirable job. However, as we’ve been expanding and taking on more complicated jobs we’ve found that it has its limitations. It was a no-brainer that Festool’s top tier reputation would lend the results that we strive for. To the untrained eye, the differences are insignificant; but to our craftsmen this tool is the difference maker between a great piece and the perfect piece!

Eric Jumped at the chance to pick up an old piece that wasn’t ready to be sold. This epoxy resin river table was scratched and had swirl marks that the DeWalt created and just couldn’t fix as can be seen in the glossy photo of the table. The next photo shows just how much of a difference the Festool sander created with this project. The swirl marks are gone and the surface of the table is visibly smoother. The only thing this table needs now is a coat of finish!

As the sander is the last tool to touch the project, it’s evident that the quality of the final product is a direct reflection of the quality of the tool. For us here at Oregon Woodworks, this tool is a game changer!

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