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Waterfall Coffee Table

We expect a lot from our coffee tables. They need to be sturdy, durable, and something we want to look at everyday. Hardwood coffee tables in particular do a wonderful job in achieving all of these things! With the addition of resin in the right home and space, they are able to bring even more in terms of their style by stepping outside of the box. Read on for more descriptions on the different types of coffee tables we can make and see examples on our website here.

Hardwood Coffee Tables

Solid wood and hardwood coffee tables are understated classics in the table genre. They’re always in style and when finished properly with a food safe oil, they can stand up to years of wear and tear in most any home. Of course the use of coasters in advised when dealing with any solid wood furniture, these finishes can provide you some leeway with life’s accidents. This classic version of a coffee table is also great in that each one is unique when handcrafted using hardwood like in our shop. Given the different textures, colors, and growth patterns of all these types of wood, no two are alike. Set yourself apart from your neighbors, friends, and family with a table none of them can have!

Resin + Hardwood

Next to the timeless beauty of a natural finish hardwood coffee table, there’s the resin + hardwood coffee table. These tables offer the beauty of hardwood on top the additional option of colors and shapes you wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve with just a hardwood coffee table. Some of these shape options are the classic river table. With this style, you can achieve organic lines from live edge pieces that, as the name suggests, give the appearance of a river running through the table. You can then either leave the resin clear or add in colors and textures for additional effect. Some people also enjoy have embeds in the resin that they can see through the table. Others keep it simple with a single color and in other cases people request multiple colors or even glitter! With a resin coffee table the sky is the limit.


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