Hardwood Standing Desks in the Portland Metro

Mahogany Hardwood Standing Desk

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Here at Oregon Woodworks we strive to make our projects as beautiful as we can. Our goal is to bring out the natural aspects of the wood and emphasize each species best qualities. Many times that leaves us with a piece that is better seen than used in order to preserve the piece; however, a great example of art with a purpose is seen with our Standing Desks! These projects leave our customers with a wonderful wood piece they get to look at everyday, but one that they also get to use everyday. Both form and function.

The Standing Desk Journey

These tables start out as pieces of wood in the species of our customer’s choosing. We offer either Poplar, Red Oak, or African Mahogany. These pieces are then perfected, set together in the requested size, and finished. Finishing can be done in either a natural oil to bring out the wood’s character, or in a stain of the customer’s choice. When the table top is completed, it is then attached to the standing legs if the customer is in the Portland Metro area and wants to pick it up themselves or have it delivered. If the customer is outside of this area, it is carefully packaged and shipped directly to them. They can then install the table legs in the comfort of their home.

Mahogany Table Top Close Up

The Benefits of a Standing Desk

There are numerous reasons to get a standing desk that affect your overall health. The ergonomics of a standing desk are one of them. When standing our posture is typically better than it is when we are sitting. When sitting we have more of a tendency to hunch over our keyboards and stare down at our screens. When you stand and work overall your posture is better and it lessens the pressure on your upper back reducing overall backpain. To go along with a general reduction in backpain, standing desks can also help with boosting productivity, mood, and energy.

Standing Desk with Laptop

Check out our Standing Desks here to see photos of some of our previous work! If there is anything in particular you’d want a desk to have that isn’t listed, then please reach out! We love doing custom projects and those requests can be made here.

If Standing Desks aren’t your jam and you’d prefer a floating desk, check out our sister company Right on Bracket. They offer the supports needed to make that dream a reality. We can then make you the perfect tabletop to rest on those brackets!


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