Custom Woodwork in Portland Metro

Wood Floating Shelves

Custom Woodwork

Oregon Woodworks specializes in a handful of different custom woodworking projects. All of our projects are crafted by hand to match any home or office. We can do a variety of different projects, but here are our more popular projects:

Wood Shelving

Modern Floating Shelf

Whether we’re building floating shelves, traditional shelves with right angle brackets, or we’re using modern brackets with a front facing lip, we build them custom for your project! These can be used as kitchen shelves, bathroom shelves, laundry room shelves, or garage organization shelving. All of our shelves are made with solid Douglas Fir sourced locally. We also use brackets made by Right On Bracket, which are strong and American Made. Our shelves are finished to be smooth, rounded edges, and we stain our shelves to a color of your choosing. You can also order them unfinished so you can stain the shelves yourself!

Epoxy Resin Projects

Epoxy projects are becoming very popular and we’re using colored epoxy for a wide array of projects! This includes epoxy coffee tables, epoxy standing desks, live edge epoxy projects, and several other custom woodworking projects! Epoxy can be poured as a liquid into a variety of different projects and harden into a very pretty design. Epoxy is clear but can be colored to many designs. Epoxy can but cut, sanded, and finished. However, you don’t want to use kitchen knives on it, as it will begin to cut into the epoxy. View our gallery for the different projects we’ve done recently!

Blue Epoxy Resin Table

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards come in a large variety of sizes, designs, colors, and materials. We enjoy making large cutting boards you can’t find at your normal store. These are perfect for large gatherings, smoking large cuts of meat, and cooking a large quantity of food. All of our boards are custom made to a design you like. We use a variety of different wood species.

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